When Are Burglaries And Vehicle Thefts Most Likely To Occur?

March 22nd, 2022

Firstly, let's start by saying that there is no specific date, time, or place that dictates when a burglary or auto theft will occur. In many cases, these incidents are merely crimes of opportunity. So, if the opportunity presents itself anywhere, including right here in Fort Lauderdale, the criminal will take full advantage of it. However, for some reason, as the temperatures outside begin to rise, there is usually an increase in these types of activities. 

It is anybody's guess as to why the warm weather seems to bring out the worst in people, but many folks suggest it is merely due to people getting out and about more in the Spring and Summertime. Families go on vacations, head to local parks for picnics, attend graduation ceremonies, and partake in a lot of other outdoor ventures. Curious Fort Lauderdale residents should stay put and read further to learn how to protect themselves against auto thefts and home burglaries.

Invest In A Home Security System

((Blog.city)) citizens don't want to have to worry about their belongings every time they hit the open road to feel the wind whip through their hair. Rather, they simply want to relax, unwind, and enjoy the trip. However, they cannot do so knowing that a trespasser could be entering their house at any moment, riffling through their personal belongings, and stealing valuables. Most modern, state-of-the-art security systems are compatible with smartphones. Thus, if a window or door becomes breached, they are sent an alert right to their phone. In turn, the homeowner can contact the police department to get them on the scene promptly and thwart the criminal's advances. 

Select A Car With An Anti-Theft Device

Most newer vehicles come with On-Star or another type of emergency service. They are also equipped with alarms that go off when somebody is attempting to steal the ride. If an individual's car does get stolen, the police can track it down with relative ease. Some companies are even able to kill the car's engine to make it inoperable for the time being. Don't fret if you can't afford a modern-day expensive luxury car. There are plenty of aftermarket alarms that are relatively cheap and easy to install. The device may not track or stop the auto's motor, but the loud alarm will ensure that you know someone is messing with your car. 

Be Sure To Lock All Of Your Home's Doors And Windows, Including The Garage

There is no point in making a burglar's life easy, but that is just what happens when homeowners don't lock their doors and windows. It is the right time of year to open things up and let the house air out. However, it is of the utmost importance for the person to lock everything back down afterward. If they fail to do so, the criminal doesn't have to worry about jimmying something open. Rather, they can just turn the doorknob or slide the window up to come right in. So, heed this advice and research other ways to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe, and with any luck, you won't run across any headaches further down the line. 

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