Improving Your Home Security During The Winter Season

November 28th, 2022

During the cold winter months in Fort Lauderdale, FL, your home should be your place of warmth, safety, and coziness. Without proper security, you could be leaving you, your home, and this very feeling at risk. We spend more time at home during the winter months in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and burglars appreciate the cover of darkness that is offered during this time of year. Throughout the United States and in Fort Lauderdale, FL, dark hours outnumber daylight hours in the winter time, and burglars or other criminals can find plenty of cover should they decide to carry out their acts. 

You should be able to spend time in your home during the winter months being happy and at ease, and the best way to approach this goal is through the proper security. Perhaps you’ve invested in some security, but have you considered the unique security needs that arise during these cold and dark winter months? 

Tips For Keeping Your Home Secure This Winter

A few tips can really help to keep your home secure this winter, and give you your peace of mind back. These tips for staying safe during the winter months are:

• Keep shoveled and de-iced – When snows fall or water freezes over, you could be placing yourself in a precarious position. A person looking for a quick payday might see your un-shoveled or slippery walkway, and they may stage a fall in front of your property looking for a payout for their “damages”. These instances of slip and fall fraud are more common than many property owners would like to believe, and they can be devastating when they occur.

• Doorbell cameras make a big difference – Because it gets dark earlier in the winter months, a ring at the doorbell can leave families of the area feeling uneasy. It’s not recommended to answer the door for an unannounced visitor after dark, but a doorbell camera can make the situation a great deal safer. For instance, checking your doorbell security camera can let you know if it’s your neighbor at the door, or someone you don’t know. 

• Don’t put your travel plans on social media – Winter is the perfect time to get away for many families. Jet setting off to warm locations can really sweep away those winter blues. However, while it may be tempting to put your travels on social media for all too see, this can leave you at risk. It shows that your home is vacant, which can be a beacon for criminals.

• Use lighting to your advantage – Your weapon against the darkness of winter is light, and motion detection lighting is the perfect way to shed light on your property while presenting the look of activity. Installing motion detection lighting is a very simple way to keep your property safer during the winter months. 

Better Safety And Happier Winters

While you’re cozied up with the family watching a movie in the winter, your security should be the furthest thing from your mind. To learn more about keeping safe this winter, contact us for professional advice and technologies today.

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