Is Your Parking Lot Secure?

September 7th, 2023

Parking lots are often areas where security measures can be highly beneficial. These spaces can attract a variety of activities and behaviors, making it crucial to have effective security systems in place for the safety of cars and people alike.

For example, throughout the country, Walmart parking lots are notorious for being sites for crime. Of course, the reason for this is simple. There are many vehicles, some may have valuables in them, and because it’s a retail outlet, anyone can potentially come out with valuable items like new TVs or video game consoles worth stealing.

This is why if you have a commercial property here in Fort Lauderdale, FL, you should think about whether your parking lot is secure or not. Here are some ways to ensure a safer experience for everyone.

Bright Lights

Parking lots are often targeted because cars themselves have value if they can be stolen. Even if they can’t, individual car parts and valuables in vehicles are also potential loot for thieves. One reason thieves like parking lots is that poorly lit areas make it much easier to break into cars at night.

Good lighting is a way to reduce this risk. It’s much more difficult to hide in the shadows waiting or commit crimes in a brightly lit area. Thieves don’t like anything that increases risk, and higher visibility is one of those things.

Security Personnel

If you invest in security guards, you’ll see an immediate drop in parking lot related crime. Nothing deters crime more than armed security, and most thieves are completely unwilling to risk a confrontation with a security guard. As long as you have qualified, trained personnel on the site, a significant drop in crime will occur.

This is also extremely helpful for people going to their vehicles. In particular, women are often targeted for robbery or even sexual assault as they make their way to cars. Security providing escort means a safer experience for everyone.

Surveillance Cameras

Another valuable asset for parking lot safety is the use of surveillance cameras. Eye witness memory is not always reliable when recalling specific identifying details of a thief or assailant. Quality high definition, or even ultra high definition cameras, however, captures everything with clarity. They can even be handed over to police to help with an investigation. If an arrest is made, they can be submitted in court as evidence to secure a prosecution.

Thieves realize that the presence of security cameras means they are much more likely to have crucial identifying characteristics recorded, and thus their risk of arrest goes up. Even a poorly lit parking lot can benefit from low light cameras that can still capture a high degree of detail.

If you’re interested in making sure your parking lot in Fort Lauderdale, FL is safer for everyone, contact us. We can look at your property, see the size that needs to be covered, whether it’s a sheltered car park or an open space, and find the right security measures to protect vehicles and their owners.

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