Easy Ways To Secure Your Business

April 24th, 2024

Your business in Fort Lauderdale, FL is one of the biggest investments in your life, and making sure that it succeeds is important. Of course, a huge part of that success comes in making sure that you take the steps needed to drive profits up while keeping overall costs as low as possible. You can plan for a lot of things, but one thing that you won’t be able to plan for is theft or other unaccounted loss. 

The Big Problem of Business Loss in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Every business takes a loss to one degree or another, but did you know that as much as 75% of employees have stolen something from their employer at least once? Whether it’s hours on the time clock, money from the till, or products that they’re taking without you knowing about it, stopping theft is a must. 

Stopping Loss in Fort Lauderdale, FL

And whether you’re stopping employee theft or theft and loss from outside sources, it’s incredibly important that you secure your business properly. Here are a few easy tips that can increase your company security and lower overall loss. 

Buy A Safe

A safe is a must-have for any business. Place it in your office or an off-limits area and keep access to it limited to yourself and only a small number of people that you trust. You can even invest in safes that can’t be opened but that allow for deposits of money while the door is still locked. 

Keep Inventory Counts

You should always schedule routine inventory counts to keep an eye on products. This includes inventory on your shelves for sale as well as stored items like cleaning supplies, office products, and more. Even small incidents of theft of these items can add up to significant costs over the year. 

Monitor the Register

The register is obviously where much risk can be found. Monitoring registers is important, and the easiest way to do so is to invest in a security camera system. The investment into the system pays for itself quickly with the peace of mind and the loss prevention that it offers. 

Lock Up Valuables

You likely have some items that are much higher in value than others. Investing in locking cabinets or display cases to lock these up is an easy way to make sure that they aren’t stolen by anyone. 

Use Access Monitoring

Access control systems let you set up parameters for who can access different parts of the building and even different storage areas. They’re another easy investment that pays off big. 

Check Vendor Orders

Finally, be sure that you review all vendor bills and delivery lists. Sometimes you may receive an excess number of products. Products you didn’t order can add up to big costs for your business that you weren’t planning on having. 

A Wise Investment

Simply put, making small investments in your time, energy, and even money can have a huge impact on your business’ future. The steps above could save you thousands of dollars and help increase your company’s profits. Talking to your security professionals can help make it even easier to add extra security to your business. 

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