Understanding Access Control Systems for Commercial Buildings

May 8th, 2024

Using an access control system in Fort Lauderdale, FL is among the most convenient and secure ways of controlling access to commercial buildings. It is important that you understand how an access control system works before hiring installation companies.

The Basics of Access Control Systems.

An access control system ensures security in a building, it can be simple, such as a basic door lock, or a more advanced system that offers commercial-grade security. Most high-tech and advanced access controls systems in Fort Lauderdale, FL are somewhat ubiquitous; they are convenient to use and offer superior security making them popular. Typically, any modern access control system is computer based; It provides access to the various sections of or the building through electronic access cards. Some also use access codes together with the card. Despite access control systems being highly sophisticated, they are user-friendly.

What are the main components of access control systems?

Electric Lock Hardware – These electric strikes and locks are installed on all doors that will be controlled by the system. They are commonly used on exterior doors, and in rare cases, interior doors.

Card Readers – Card readers are installed near controlled doors to allow people to access a building in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They can be insertion card readers, that require the card inserted so as to read or proximity readers that can be read by simply passing the access card near the reader.

Access Cards –These are uniquely coded cards in any access control system play the functional role of keys. They are given to business personnel, company employees or any other authorized user.

Keypads – Keypads are a part of access control systems used with card readers or entirely replace the readers.

Field Panels – These are intelligent controllers used for connecting lock components, card readers, and other parts to ensure a fully operational system. Their number depends on how many doors the system controls in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Access control field panels are kept in utility closets.

Server Computers – An Access control server computer has file managers and databases used for programming the system and recording activities. The server is only one, managed by a technical expert such as a systems administrator.

Initial set-up and programming of access control systems.

The first step of installing an access control system in Fort Lauderdale, FL is assessing the company or business needs. Security systems providers will help you identify doors that need control, the number of readers needed and a suitable location for the access control board. Next is installation of the lock hardware and wiring connections to the panel. The final step is identifying a convenient location where the server or computer will be placed.

Setting up an access control system is fairly straightforward, the computer validates access codes and defines various parameters. Where a large group requires pre-defined access privileges, clearance codes are used. During card validation, the employee name, access card names and one clearance code (at the very least) are required.

Access control systems keep real-time activity logs highlighting some issues like invalid access attempts, wrong inputs or situations where a door is kept open for long time in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It can also be configured to remain locked or unlocked for a specific period automatically. These access control systems are making it easier and more convenient for commercial buildings to maintain security.

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