The Top Benefits Of Integrating Access Control Into Your Surveillance System

May 1st, 2024

We all know that video surveillance is used to monitor and record to maintain the safety of the building and surrounding areas. However, physical security is not the only security facing business owners in Fort Lauderdale, FL. IT threats like access to protected computer networks can cause just as much damage as a physical crime. In order to truly have robust security protocols, both your physical and internet network access control must be integrated into your surveillance system.

Understanding The Two Types Of Access Control

Access control has a variety of different functions within your organization. Basically, they just ensure that only authorized personnel can access certain areas of your business, both physically and online. There are two types of access control systems:

  • Restricted Access: To allow an employee to access protected resources they must be identified and authenticated.
  • Network Boundary Protection: This component monitors connectivity in and out of networks. This allows the system to prevent unauthorized access or defend against attacks from the internet.

Both require different equipment, platforms, and protocols for monitoring. However, they can both be integrated into one streamlined security pipeline.

How To Develop A Robust Security Pipeline

There are four components of a successful security system. Utilizing all of these components ensure that all of your security vulnerabilities are being addressed:

  • Video Surveillance: Video surveillance helps you monitor and record activities on your premise.
  • Access Control: Access control makes it so that vulnerable areas are only accessible by authorized personnel.
  • Central Control: Central control is the hub where all activities, including both physical and online, can be monitored, recorded, and played back by your security staff.
  • Integration: Integration utilizes technical infrastructure to send all aspects on your security system to your central control.

No matter, if you are a small or a large business, a robust security pipeline, will ensure that your employees, property, and assets, including your valuable company intellectual property are protected against both outside and inside threats.

How Do I Select An Access Control System To Be Integrated Into My Security System?

If you’ve never used access control before, you may not know where to start in selecting the right system for your business. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Will it confirm with local standards and regulations?
  • Is it compatible with my current system?
  • Can you configure or use it easily?
  • Will it support all modes of internet communication?

The answers to these questions can help you determine what system is right for you.

Integrating access control into your security system is very complex. It is recommended that businesses work with a knowledgeable security company. A knowledgeable security company can help you address all your vulnerabilities and install a system that is fully integrated, but also cost-effective and easy to manage by your team.

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