4 Benefits Of Access Control For Businesses

September 8th, 2023

Shifts in consumer behavior have had a significant impact on businesses in Fort Lauderdale, FL. While some customer-oriented sectors like movie theaters and restaurants have faced challenges, others, such as those offering office-based jobs, have adapted by embracing remote work options where feasible.

This evolution highlights the ever-present importance of business security in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Whether a commercial space is temporarily closed or operating as usual, features like access control systems, which offer a smarter, digital way to manage entry and exit, remain crucial. Here are four reasons why.

Easier Employee Assignment

With a traditional lock and key system, an employee is assigned keys. If that employee is laid off or terminated, the keys are returned. However, suppose a dismissal goes badly, especially with a problem employee. In that case, the keys may not be returned, or even stolen, raising the possibility of unauthorized entry and theft. A new lock may need to be installed to prevent this, and all employees must be assigned new keys.

Access control systems assign PIN codes, keycards, or even biometrics. This means that once an employee is off the roster, that unique code can be deleted from the system. No money is wasted on new lock installation or providing current staff with new keys.

Easier Access Management

If you have a larger complex where certain employees or executives are permitted to enter some areas, but not others, access control systems simplify this process. For example, a single keycard, or biometric, can admit an employee to all authorized areas while denying access to others.

This is much more efficient than creating multiple keys for every door a person is authorized to access.

Keep Records Of Entries

Unlike traditional lock and key systems, access control systems come with digital records, meaning that management can now see who comes in and out and when. Every biometric, keycard or PIN code is unique, so this takes good records of who showed up early, or late, or didn’t arrive at all.

For the purposes of tracking movement and confirming entry and exit, and this a much easier system.

It’s Not Just Doors

Finally, access control systems can have other purposes beyond admitting or denying access to certain areas. Medication storage, for example, can also benefit from access control systems. Pain killers, antibiotics, and other medications have a high value on the black market. Sometimes, internal theft is the way opioids and other valuables make it out to street dealers.

Access control systems show who accessed medication storage and when. In some cases, they can even trace exactly who removed which substances from a storage cabinet or locker, so there is a running tally of whether medications have been appropriately used when needed, or whisked away for black market sales.

If you’re interested in having more secure access control systems for your commercial property in Fort Lauderdale, FL, contact us. We can assess the site and see which access control configuration makes the most sense for your needs.

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